Winstrol for Achieving That Fierce and Strong Look

Winstrol for Achieving That Fierce and Strong Look

Winstrol for Achieving That Fierce and Strong Look

If you are after getting that toned body, then it is only natural that you use Winstrol. But what others do is stack it with other substances so that they could achieve maximum results. They don’t know what Winstrol could offer even when used as a standalone steroid. It has many benefits as long as the users know how to utilize it correctly. It could also give the results that you are searching for even if you don’t add any steroids with it.

Winstrol promotes burning fats at a fast pace without you worrying about weight gain which most bodybuilders don’t want. This is a great steroid especially if you are looking for a more defined look that would make you look strong and lean. This is used in cutting cycles that usually last a maximum of 8 weeks only cycle so you should keep that in mind because there are serious consequences if abused.

The perks of using Winstrol only in your cutting cycle

What you should expect when using Winstrol is that your excess fat is burned because your metabolism is raised. You should expect a leaner and toned look to your muscles while using it especially if you are following a routine like eating a healthy diet and doing proper exercise. Stanozolol is a hormone found in Winstrol that aids in all of this, which helps in raising your testosterone levels that help maintain the muscles that you have earned. There are two ways in using Winstrol, one is in oral form and the other is through injection. Women prefer using the oral form while men tend to choose the injectable form. Either way, it still helps in achieving the body that you are looking for.

Dosages for a Winstrol only Cycle

Men take higher dosages compared to women because the latter is very sensitive to any type of anabolic steroid, and this includes Winstrol though it’s safer compared to other potent steroids. Women who are using higher dosages of steroids can experience virilization effects and this includes the enlargement of the clitoris, deepening of the voice (like a man), and slowly growing hair all over the body. The recommended dosage for women is 10mg and can last up to 4 weeks especially for the beginners. For men, the recommended cycle is 8 weeks even if they are long-time users of Winstrol with a 50mg. Some even gained the results in just about 1 week- 2 weeks of using it.

Stacking Winstrol with other Substances

Even if you think that a Winstrol only cycle could be the best cutting supplement, which is not true because you could add other steroids and testosterone esters for you to achieve hardcore results. But you must always remember that you should not use this for so long because your liver might take its toll which can cause serious damage. Remember that anabolic steroids are very toxic to the liver? That’s what happens when you mix different steroids and using it all at the same time.

Winstrol is a very good steroid that is very popular because of its many benefits which include providing you with that body that you are looking for. Just make sure that you don’t abuse it and use it in a very controlled setting like taking the recommended dosage.

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