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Stock Market Tips; The Contrarian Investing StrategyContrarian investing is based on taking a position that is opposite to that of the masses. In general contrarian, investors get in an investment too early as their analysis is based on doing the opposite of the masses. In contrast mass psychology dictates that you wait for the emotion to hit a boiling point, euphoria or panic before a position is taken. Mass psychology involves the actual study of what the masses are doing as opposed to just determining that their current action is wrong and using that information to take a position in the opposite direction.Contrarians only take a position that is contrary to the masses, and that about wraps up the ideology of being a contrarian today. Very few of today’s contrarians are true contrarians; they fall into the category of fashion contrarians.Mass Psychology Improves Contrarian Investing Results. Investors that adopt the doctrine of mass psychology correctly will understand how to use market sentiment to their advantage. Mass psychology takes the principle of contrarian investing and then pushes it to the next level. Students of Mass Psychology look for extreme type situations. In other words, sentiment should not just be bullish before an opposing strategy is put into play, it should be at the boiling point and only then will the student of mass psychology look for an exit and attempt to take an opposing position to that of the masses.